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Setting up a IPv6 Tunnel on my Linksys WRT54Gs v4 Running DD-WRT v23

If you would like to setup your IPv6 information using a Samba share instead Click Here.
Without Samba !

The WRT54GL/S < v4.0 like most embedded devices has limited memory. Running your script right from NV RAM saves you some RAM in not having to run a SMB client or a windows machine to get the IPv6 information.

First things First

To setup a ipv4 -> ipv6 tunnel simply goto and sign up for a ipv6 address. Once that is done if you followed my instructions on stopping the router from blocking the broker from checking if your really who you say you are it should be good to go in ~ 1 - 24 hours. (yeah it's annoying). Go to the routers web page prolly this and go to ->"Security" and make sure "Block Anonymous Internet Requests" is turned off. If this is turned on you will never get your authentication from the tunnelbroker thus no ipv6. Save your settings then get ready for the fun part.

Enabling IPv6 and radvd

First you have to enable radvd and ipv6. Do this by going
Administration -> IPv6
Then enable ipv6 and radvd and paste:

interface br0
{ AdvSendAdvert on;
MinRtrAdvInterval 3;
MaxRtrAdvInterval 10;
AdvHomeAgentFlag off;
prefix 2001:470:1F00:2046::/64
{ AdvOnLink on;
AdvAutonomous on;
AdvRouterAddr on;

Change the ipv6 address in that conf to the one relating to your information. You can see which one im talking about by looking at the picture below.

Getting your IPv6 connection up and running
Okay, so radvd is fine and running that conf is pasted

Loading the Startup Script

Okay paste this little section into the Diagnostics -> Run -> Window that opens up

/usr/sbin/ip tunnel add sixbone mode sit local YOURIP remote
/usr/sbin/ip link set sixbone up
/usr/sbin/ip link set mtu 1280 dev sixbone
/usr/sbin/ip tunnel change sixbone ttl 64
/usr/sbin/ip -6 addr add CLIENTIPV6ADDRESS/127 dev sixbone
/usr/sbin/ip -6 ro add default via SERVERIPV6address dev sixbone
/usr/sbin/ip -6 addr add ASSIGNED/64 dev br0

Click Save Startup when you are done. This will get the script to run on boot

For your convienence I addded some nice names so you can find out your values from compare them to that chart. Take note of the / after some of the txt because that means you need to keep that /127 and /64 if needed. Im not going to get into explaining it because well ... im not here to do that. Okay, now that's all in the little text box in the diagnostics bubble. Click "Add to Startup" and you should be done.

Setting up the Client

Setting up the clients has to be the easiest thing in the world to do if it works.
Windows XP: Start -> Run -> ipv6 install
Windows 2000: Read this
Windows 9x/ME: Get a new operating system ... your not supported
Linux: type as root "modprobe ipv6" (if you get an error about no ipv6 module you need to compile the module for your kernel) and im not getting into that)
Anything else read the manual or google it or somthing im not going to get into that.
Now that the clients are setup the script should fire up nicely with no errors. On the router goto the directory of the script and type "./". If you happen to fire it up 2x you will see a few "we already got that" errors but don't worry since it's already running nothing will be hurt. Once you see it up and running go on one of the machines and type in:
Windows: ping6
Linux: ping6
If you get a ping back ... welcome to the 6bone if not continue reading.
This website is also hosted on ipv6 so if you goto and it works well welcome to the 6bone. The only way that link I gave you would work is if ipv6 was enabled.

That's it ?
Hopefully everything works now. You should be able to access my website Port 80 does not work on IPv4 so if you see a site then your IPv6 works fine. Just incase im down ping6 if you get a reply then everything is not good. If not double check your confs and make sure your all setup properly on the page.
On that note ...
Welcome to the 6bone

Contact Info
Just send me an email and hopefully I can fix things up

If you have any questions or comments on my projects just toss an email to


(c) 2011