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Computers on my Network

Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem / Netgear 4 Port Hub

Eth0 - Ethernet Interface
My Cable modem allows me to get my internet through my cable line. My Netgear 10mbit hub is for applications where I need to see a broadcast of the traffic. It's a pretty simple setup that does me well. Although most of the time the hub is kinda not needed, for 4 bucks why not.

Linksys WRT54Gs v4 (Running Linux Kernel 2.4.34-pre2)

Local Interface (

Name: WRT54GS Linky
CPU: BCM3302 V0.8 @ 239MHz (Mips)

Linky is my linux running WRT54GL. It does all the Network Address Translation (NAT) for my entire network. It runs my DHCP Server, IPv6 Tunnel, Transparent Proxy, and wireless network.

Linksys BEFSR41 v4 (Running Linksys Firmware 1.04.17)

Linksys BEFSR41 v4 Router

This is my Linksys BEFSR41 v4, basicly it's a overglorified switch. All of the routing has been disabled on it and it's IP changed to It was installed when I had my P3 in here but basicly now is kinda redundant. I keep it hooked up because well if I didn't I would end up throwing it out or selling it. It's a horrible device for routing and shits out on any kind of intense connections (over about 100 or so). I guess more blinky lights never hurts. - Dual 450MHz Linux Server

CPU: Dual 450MHz Pentium 3 (i686) 512k L2 Cache
RAM: 631mb RAM (1.25gb Installed)
SCSI HDD:74gb 15,000RPM Ultra320 Maxtor Atlas
NET:100mbit Ethernet Card
NET:22mbit PCI Wireless
NET:10mbit 3COM Etherlink III ISA
Uptime:Uptimed Statistics
Sysinfo:System Information

Solosoft is my linux server. It's a Dual 450MHz Pentium 3 and runs all the services on my network. This computer does all the little jobs I would rather my desktop not do. It manages DNS, FTP, SSH, HTTP, IRCD, MAIL (IMAP,POP3,WEBMAIL) and a ton of other stuff like eggdrop bots and it acts as a transparent proxy on my network. I changed the case from the old busted one to this new one I picked up for 15 bucks. I dropped the HDD temp from > 50c down to 30c with a simple $2.50 HDD Fan cooler. Now the machine is finally complete and I don't think im going to update it anymore since the bottleneck is my shitty cable line now.

Blue - Athlon64 x2 3800+ Media Center PC

CPU: AMD Athlon64 x2 3800+ (Manchester) (2.0GHz)
RAM: 2gb DDR-400
HDD: 2x 250gb Seagate SATA (RAID-0)
VID: nVidia GeForce 7600GT 512mb AGP-8x

Blue is my Desktop machine it sits in my room and acts as my personal PC and my media center. It mostly downloads my media and converts / burns it which is why the fancy dual core CPU. The new Antec 900 case is alot more practical then the acrylic case I used to have because it has front ports which I use to charge my ipod / cellphone. All the fans in it are totally silent the only noise made is the noise of air moving through the case, it's windy enough for me to feel the air moving when I sleep.

Unamed64 - Athlon64 3000+ (1.8GHz)

Name: Unamed64
CPU : AMD Athlon64 3000+ (1.8GHz)
RAM : 1024mb DDR-400
HDD : 160gb MAXTOR
VID : nVidia GeForce 4MX 440SE

Unamed64 is a replacement to Dusty (aka Unamed). They are built for two totally different uses. Unamed64's use is to mainly play small online games and burn the odd DVD. It has to be the most quiet PC in the house. With the fans turned down it runs almost silent. For the first few weeks of using it I would always turn it off because I thought it wasn't running. The LED's in the front panel are way too dim and if it's very bright in there you can't see them. I bought some fans on ebay and slapped em in there now that machine runs very very cool and glows a soft red.

Clear - AMD Athlon64 3000+

Name: Clear
CPU : AMD Athlon64 3000+ @ 1.8GHz
RAM : 512MB PC-3200
VID : ATI x300 64mb Shared

Clear is my sisters computer which is basicly a Athlon64 939 motherboard with my old Athlon64 3000+ chip in it. It was cheap ... it's quick and does all the stuff my sister wants to do. It ran windows vista but we all know windows vista sucks so now it runs Windows XP Media Center Edition. Making all 3 Windows PC's in the house running Windows XP MCE.


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